Physical therapy for women

Physical therapy for women
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The women’s health physical therapy services at Health Plus are for women in all phases of life. From pre and postnatal issues through postmenopausal symptoms, we have dedicated services to meet the needs of women of all ages.

Health Plus Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center has certified physical therapists trained in managing pregnancy-related pain, such as sciatica, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome, pubic symphysis pain, pelvic ligament strain, and ankle swelling.

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Pregnancy-Related Conditions

Pregnancy is a common catalyst for experiencing muscle pain.
The added weight, poor posture, stress, and variation in your center of gravity
are all potential reasons you may experience joint and muscle pain as a
pregnant woman. Changes in your posture cause the muscles to work harder, and
increased exertion creates fatigue, leading to a decreased motivation to be

Low back pain is also extremely common for many expecting mothers. As the uterus and baby grow, the mother’s center of gravity moves forward, increasing the amount of force the muscles must generate for everyday support, causing women to slump forward. Eventually, this poor alignment can result in muscle tightness in the pectoral muscles, rolling the shoulders forward and creating increased stress on the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and mid-back.

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It’s also important to note that regular exercise increases physical endurance and muscle strength, especially in the hips, back, and abdomen, making a woman more likely to have a smooth pregnancy. However, many pregnant women forego exercise during their pregnancy, which isn’t doing them any favors. Exercise during pregnancy, whether on your own or through a program devised by a trained physical therapist, can both alleviate your pregnancy pains and make post-pregnancy recovery easier.

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Postpartum Physical Therapy is important too

Although you may think the hard part is over, it’s highly recommended to have a physical therapy checkup after your delivery, especially if you have experienced a tear or surgical cut during your delivery. It’s important to work with a physical therapist to make sure it heals appropriately and doesn’t lead to complications. At Health Plus physical therapist will examine you, run tests, and ensure that you perform physical activities that will keep you healthy, without causing overexertion.

Women’s health services at Health Plus Physical Therapy
& Rehabilitation Center

Below you can find the specialized women’s physical therapy
services we offer. Dedicated physical therapists are trained and skilled to
handle women’s health conditions, such as:

  • Sciatic pain relief
  • Incontinence solutions
  • Muscle soreness relief
  • Joint mobilization
  • Pregnancy-related pain relief
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If you would like to know more about physical therapy for women then don’t hesitate to contact Health Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center in Edison, NJ for an appointment today.

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