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October 21st, 2021 | physiotherapy | Comments Off on Physiotherapy


At Health Plus Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, Edison, NJ, we offer professional, personalised, high-quality and evidence-based care for a broad range of conditions, including: • Sports injuries • Back pain, pelvic pain & sciatica • Neck pain, headaches & whiplash • Muscle, ligament & tendon injuries • Growing pains...

August 31st, 2019 | Health Tips, Physical Therapist, Prehabilitation | Comments Off on Prehabilitation for Surgery

Prehabilitation for Surgery

Yes, you Reading it Right! We’re talking about PREhabilitation, a relatively new idea in the medical world. Just like rehab helps you recover after surgery or injury, prehab helps you prepare for surgery with the goal of shortening your recovery time and making it less painful. Ideally, prehab begins at...