August 10th, 2018 | | Comments Off on Manisha

Dr. Nirali Patel has been helping me at Health Plus P.T.  Center since about 2 months. She is patient with Listening to issues and tries to address them using her best experience and also multiple different therapies like, later, ultrasound, Heat Pack, Massage and exercises.

This might sound familiar and usual but the difference in going at Health plus is that. Dr. Patel encourages you to change your life style. She shares videos and YouTube clips to help with adjustment, sitting positions and other exercises etc. She also encourages to be self-dependent and start workouts and similar regime at home. Some of the equipment is also available for sale so you can start immediately. She is very positive & optimistic and confident.

I have suffered from frozen shoulder since about a year. The mobility in my right arm is very painful and limited. My job involves dealing at a desk for long hours and gripping a mouse and using a keyboard at computer. I believing my condition is due to my work. My daily activities have become less painful. My arm has better mobility. I can reach for items on a shelf without pain now. Although it is a long process it has given me confidence that the therapy does work and regular regimen of exercise will undoubtably help in the long run.

Health Plus Physical Therapy Center’s encouraging words, the knowledge of the Dr. and Experience pleased me most. Willingness of the doctor to listen well to your problem. Yes! I definitely recommend Health Plus Physical  Therapy Center to a friend and family member

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