Lifestyle Programs

At Health Plus Physical Therapy Center mission is to empower our patients with the tools. They need to enjoy a healthy and happy life every day. That is why we have established the Health Plus Lifestyle Program. Small group specialty fitness and wellness classes offered as an extra benefit for patients or anyone who wants to be their personal best!

Our classes offer the ideal blend of exercise and education. Each class is limited to a maximum of 4 people to insure everyone gets a customized, one-on-one experience. Classes are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Call the Health Plus office at (732) 494-5999 for more information and to schedule a class.

Health Plus Pilates

45-minute Physical Therapy-based Pilates Class

Health Plus Pilates is perfect as a complement to physical therapy treatment or a powerful fitness routine for any level.

First developed during World War I for the physical rehabilitation of wounded soldiers, Pilates has long been a method of exercise and movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body. With systematic practice of specific exercises coupled with focused breathing patterns, Pilates has proven itself invaluable not only as a fitness endeavor, but also as an important adjunct to professional sports training and physical rehabilitation of all kinds.

The Pilates principles address posture, muscle performance and motor control, the same concepts that form the basis of most physical rehabilitation and therapy. Attendees can expect an increase in flexibility, mobility, balance and body awareness, as well as a decrease in back pain or other general pains.

Health Plus Seniors:

30-minute Class Custom Developed by Physical Therapists for Active Seniors

Health Plus Seniors was custom created by our physical therapists to offer a fun, effective and, most importantly, safe class for seniors to stay fit without the worry. Health Plus professionals are highly-skilled and extensively educated experts in the body’s aging process and the issues that must be addressed to enjoy maximum results without injury.

The class focuses on:

  • Low-impact aerobic activity
  • Posture
  • Strengthening
  • Stretching
  • Functional Mobility

Participants will learn the essential skills necessary to sustain an active, independent lifestyle. We will educate you about how to significantly improve balance, endurance, range-of-motion, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health. Health Plus wants to help you enjoy life to the fullest!

Health Plus Core:

30-minute Class Designed to Promote Back Health, Improve Core Strength, and Develop Postural Stabilization and Alignment

Your body’s core. The back and abdomen. It is literally the anchor of your anatomy. Health Plus Core classes are designed to develop the core strength that is critical to optimal performance at home, work and play. A natural back pain solution. Our physical therapists carefully created. This class to strengthen core muscles. That are the key to back health and proper posture. Participants will learn the correct way to move during exercise to obtain maximum results. In addition, our therapists will educate participants on the proper mechanics of movement during daily activities to help prevent pain and injury. Health Plus Core is an essential part of achieving your peak performance.

Health Plus at Work

45-minute Class Created to Promote Fitness and Prevent Injury in the Workplace

Work-related Muscularskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the leading causes of lost workdays, injury and illness. Health Plus at Work classes are designed by our physical therapists to keep you on the job.

Participants will learn essential information and exercises including:

  • Workstation Set-up
  • Proper Movement
  • Correct Posture
  • Targeted Exercises

Workstation set-up and proper posture are keys to injury prevention. Inefficient posture and incorrect workstation set-up can increase mechanical stress and strain throughout the entire body, especially the spine. This can cause muscle or joint pain, fatigue and repetitive motion injuries. We will address important topics including computer placement, talking on the phone, positioning your chair, and holding your hands properly when your type.

Participants will learn how to efficiently perform everyday movements and tasks to prevent injury. Serious risk factors include lifting, bending, reaching overhead, pushing and pulling heavy loads, working in awkward body postures and performing the same tasks repetitively. One wrong move can result in injury.

Finally our physical therapists will lead you in a series of specific exercises designed to target common pain points including the back, neck, shoulders, legs, hands and wrists.

Our objective is to keep you strong, productive and pain-free at work, home and everyday life.