Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Center

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment is a result of nerve damage. It can cause weakness usually in your hands and feet. People generally describe the pain as tingling or burning. All having a significant impact on a patient’s quality of  life.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment can result from problems such as traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic problems and exposure to toxins. One of the most common causes is Diabetes.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

    Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Personalized Physical Therapy:


The professionals at Health Plus Physical Therapy Center are highly skilled experts in Neuropathy treatment. Your dedicated physical therapist will create a Personalized Recovery Plan customized to your individual situation. The plan will combine proven hands on physical therapy techniques with state-of-the-art MicroVas Therapy (MVT). A cutting-edge non-invasive physical medicine treatment . That is proven successful in treating patients with pain stemming from peripheral. A diabetic and post-chemo therapeutic neuropathies. MVT delivers a series of electronic impulses that stimulate circulation in the tiny blood vessels closer to the skin surface. Thus increasing the flow of healing oxygen to damaged nerves and muscles and relieving your pain. Upon discharge you will receive a personal Health Plus Maintenance Package including a valuable toolkit to help you maintain at home the results. You have worked so hard to achieve. Health Plus is your committed partner working with you toward achieving a life without pain.

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