Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

Most people are familiar with rehabilitation after surgery. But the idea of pre surgical rehabilitation is also a crucial time. This time is valuable and should be utilized to prepare the body for surgery to facilitate a better post-surgical outcome.

Post Operative Surgical Rehabilitation

 Post Operative Surgical Rehabilitation

Post Operative Surgical Rehabilitation:

When muscles bones and joints are in optimum condition before the procedure. The impact of the inevitable muscle loss and joint stiffness is minimized post operative. Essentially the stronger a person is going into surgery. The better the chances of an easier and faster recovery after the surgery. Individuals who participate in a pre surgical rehabilitation program tend to regain function and return to their daily lives faster. Than individuals who do not participate in pre surgical rehabilitation.

It is common for the region. That is about to be operated on to be inflamed and weak. A Health Plus physical therapist will create a carefully planned exercise routine to help reduce inflammation. And improve blood circulation to the affected area. This will improve mobility, relieve pain, promote correct movement patterns and minimize compensatory movements. Like leaning and uneven weight bearing.
Health Plus Physical Therapy Center insures patients are optimal physical health before surgery to insure the most successful possible post-operative recovery.

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