Sports Rehabilitation Therapy

No matter what your favorite sports and rehab therapy or recreational activity. Our  Sport Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Center will get you back in the game and better than ever! Health Plus sports and rehabilitation therapy focus on the prevention, evaluation and treatment of sports-related injuries. Whether your sport of choice is soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, football, bicycling, or running. We will keep you going no matter what your age or skill level. Our Three Step Path to Recovery incorporates Personalized One-on-One Customized Care, Progressive Physical Therapy Treatment. Proven Pilates Method to pave the way to a speedy recovery.

Spinal Rehabilitation Center NJ

Sports Therapy And Rehab Center:

Our Sports Physical Therapy center are create a Personalized Recovery Plan for Pilates.  Customized for your individual condition of sports rehabilitation services . The plan will utilize the latest sports and rehab therapy techniques and technologies for Pilates. A longtime popular form of exercise that has been clinical proven to be an effective complement to physical therapy. The Pilates Method features the Allegro Reformer, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that addresses virtually every body part and can be used with patients of all fitness levels. The Pilates instructor will identify the movement dysfunction and execute the appropriate exercise modifications to insure safe participation and progression.

Upon discharge each patient receives a personal Health Plus Maintenance Package. A valuable toolkit of educational information to maintain the results you have worked so hard to achieve. Health Plus will remain by your side post-discharge and beyond to keep you at peak performance for a lifetime.

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