About Us

Health Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation center that emphases on helping patients recover from chronic injuries and pain.

Our Physical Therapist working on patient’s regain an active, pain-free lifestyle.

Proven integrated approach that combines progressive physical therapy, Pilates training, and one-on-one customized care to ensure each patient enjoys the optimal treatment and get a recovery experience.

Health Plus PT brings personalize Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation treatment to patients throughout Edison, New Jersey.

Our Philosophy

Unlike large assembly line facilities of Health Plus is committed to our “Patient First” philosophy promising a personalized one-on-one recovery experience.

Every patient is offered:

Dedicated Physical Therapists: Patients are partnered with a dedicated physical therapist who will diligently work together with the patient to achieve their common goal of optimal recovery. And also continued health for a lifetime.

Customized Care: Each patient is unique. Our physical therapists will expertly evaluate and diagnose. Their patient and prescribe a personalized treatment plan.

• Healing Environment: We strive to provide our patients with an environment that instills a sense of comfort, compassion, and confidence.

Our patients experience the Health Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center difference every time they walk into our Edison New Jersey Center. From our one-on-one approach to physical therapy to our constant support throughout your physical therapy and rehabilitation journey. Our team at Health Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation center focus to help our patients and let them regain their quality of life.