Maintenance Program

Health Plus Physical Therapy Center is committed to being your health care partner for a lifetime. This commitment starts from the moment you walk into our office and continues through treatment, discharge and beyond. That’s the premise behind our “Health Plus Maintenance Program.”

The Health Plus Maintenance Program includes:

The Health Plus Maintenance Package: Upon discharge, each patient will receive a personalized package designed to equip you with a toolkit of information that will enable you to maintain at home the results you’ve worked so hard to achieve. The package includes such materials as an exercise regimen, diet and nutrition information, lifestyle tips, and contact information to insure you can reach your dedicated Health Plus physical therapist at any time.

Maintenance Visits: We know you’ve worked diligently to achieve optimal results. However, patients often require post-discharge follow-up visits to sustain these results. Our “Maintenance Visits” are physical therapy appointments on an as needed basis or on a regular schedule that you arrange with your therapist. While these might be above the number of visits approved by your insurance, we’ve established a special “loyalty program” where the more sessions you attend, the cost per session decreases. Call our office for more information.