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At Health Plus Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, Edison, NJ, we offer professional, personalised, high-quality and evidence-based care for a broad range of conditions, including:

Sports injuries

Back pain, pelvic pain & sciatica

Neck pain, headaches & whiplash

Muscle, ligament & tendon injuries

• Growing pains

Pregnancy & postpartum pain

• Arthritis

• Joint cartilage injuries

• Fractures & stress fractures

• Orthopaedic conditions & surgery

• Nerve injuries

• Strength & flexibility issues

• Male incontinence & sexual dysfunction conditions

Depending on your presentation, our physiotherapists may use a variety of treatment modalities in the management of your condition including (but not limited to):

• Providing sound advice and education

• Individualised exercise prescription and recommendations

• Manual therapy – including joint mobilisation and massage

• Taping or bracing

• Dry needling

• Thermal modalities – e.g. Game Ready Injury Treatment System

Physiotherapy in Edison

Experience the Difference

The sole focus of our practitioners is you, the patient, the issues you present with and any goals or outcomes you want to achieve. Ultimately, we care about you and want you to get better and back to the things you enjoy!

When you consult one of our physiotherapists, this is what you can expect:

• Longer than average appointment times. We allow up to 45 minutes for all of our initial consultations, which allows sufficient time for a thorough assessment to be conducted and to therefore more accurately determine what is going on.

• If your physiotherapist believes that you require some imaging (e.g. xray or MRI) to help with determining what may be going on with you, they can refer you for this.

• If your physiotherapist believes that you need to be referred to a specialist or would be best managed by another health practitioner, they will refer you on as appropriate.

• Individualised treatment based on your presentation, your level of activity, your personal circumstances and in accordance with best practice guidelines. Treatment may include (but is not limited to) hands-on manual therapy, exercises, bracing or supports, as well as education and advice specific to your condition and circumstances.

• That your physiotherapist is committed to ongoing professional development, so is aware of changes in best management of various conditions and is able to recommend the appropriate best practice management for your presentation.

• That you know how to best contact your physiotherapist between appointments, should you need to clarify anything or if your presentation changes.

• That there will be no unnecessary appointments or over-servicing. We consult with our patients as is clinically indicated based on your presentation and treatment.

• That we will be looking for ways to keep you active and exercising, rather than telling you to stop. We’ll only be getting you to stop what you are doing if your injury dictates that this is the best management. Most conditions don’t actually require you to stop. We may well modify what you are doing, but will be doing everything we can to keep you active and moving, rather than stopping you.

• To be seen by someone who cares about you!

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